U don't know my name

no heu somiat mai amb aquella noia de l'autobus q no sap ni el vostre nom??jo m'he inventat mil histories amb gent a qui ni tan sols coneixia, he compartit la meva vida amb persones amb qui nomes m'he creuat un segon pel carrer i he fet d'un petit fragment una vida sencera. el mes fort es q totes aquestes persones mai sabran tot el que m'han provocat, a l'igual q jo mai sabre les histories q he pogut inspirar a gent a qui mai he mirat als ulls.
Aq weblog te un problema, no es poden acompanyar els textos i les imatges amb una canço, m'encantaria poder posar la banda sonora a cada text i a cada foto, avui, se'ns dubte, posaria una canço preciosa i sensual de l'alicia keys...la canço parla sobre una cambrera q s'enamora d'un client seu que ni tan sols sap el seu nom...la noia, un bon dia s'imagina q el truca i aquesta es la conversa..(si podeu baixe-vos la canço You don't know my name del diary of alicia)

Can i speak to... to Michael? Oh, hey how you doin I feel kinna silly doin this but uh, this is the waitress
at the coffer house on 39th and Lenox
U know that, one with the braids? Yeah... well I see you on Wednesdays all the time
You come in every Wednesday on your lunch break, I think
And you always order the special, with the hot chocolate
My manager be trippin talkin about we gotta use water, but... I always use some milk and cream for you, cause
I think you kinna sweet
Anyway... you always got on some Fly Blue suit and your cufflings is shining all bright
So what you do?
Oh word?
Yeah that interestin... Look man I don't wanna waste your time but
I know girls don't usually do this, but I was wonderin if maybe we could get together
Outside the restaurant one day? You know cause I do look... 
a little different outside my work clothes I mean we could just go across the street to the park right yeah...
Wait, hold up my... my cell phone Breakin up, hold up,
Can you hear me now? Yeah so what day did you say?
Oh yeah... Thursday perfect man 

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